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Frequently Asked Questions:
If I join today, what will my LifeLine Truckers membership cost?
As an incentive for new members to join LifeLine Truckers now, new memberships are being offered at an introductory rate of $150.00. This is a time limited offer and this pricing may be ended at any time.

How long does a membership last?
One (1) year.
As a practical matter a member needs to have their membership card with them – and be able to present it to the preferred supplier at the point of purchase – to enjoy the benefits to which they are entitled; so a short period of time is added to the front end to allow members to receive and start to use their membership cards.
The precise period of time added will be dependent upon the time LifeLine Truckers estimates will be required to produce and mail the card(s).

May I join for longer than one (1) year?
Not at the present time, no.

May I share my membership card?
No, the card issued to you is yours alone; it is evidence that you are a member of LifeLine Truckers in good standing until the expiry date.

Where do I join?
Follow the “Join” link on this website. This will take you to the page where your information and credit card payment will be processed.

Once I’m a member how do I get my discounts and preferred pricing?
When you membership has been accepted and your payment confirmed you will be emailed a user name and password that will allow you to logon as a member in the “Members’ Only” pages of this website.

What about family offers, who gets to use them?
Offers to get discounts or preferred pricing of ‘family’ offers are open to the members’ family. In order to obtain these discounts or preferred pricing a family member will need to have the separate offer; e.g., in the case of Mark’s Work Warehouse ® or other similar offer, will have a separate card that may be used by a members’ family with, or without, presentation of the regular membership card at the point of sale.

Our trucking company has a number of rigs; can we get a discount on our membership fees as a group?
Maybe – put together a brief summary about your company, the number of trucks and drivers you have. Tell us how many membership you will be buying and then email the completed summary to LifeLine Truckers to sales[at] and a salesperson will contact you.

May I deduct my membership fee?
This is a question that needs to be answered by your accountant; however, as a general rule memberships will be deductible for truckers/drivers who can deduct the costs of their fuel and other truck related expenses. According to the Canada Revenue Agency’s publications:
As a rule, [a taxpayer] can deduct any reasonable current expense you incur to earn business income. The expenses you can deduct include any GST/HST you incur on these expenses less the amount of any input tax credit claimed. However you cannot deduct personal expenses…” [T4002-08e, ch. 3, p. 16, para. 2, ll. 5 – 10].
Where a member “deduct[s] the cost of fuel (including gasoline, diesel, and propane), motor oil, and lubricants used in [their] business(es)” [Ibid., p. 17, “Line 9224 – Fuel Costs”, para. 1, ll. 1 – 3], as well as, “deduct expenses you incur to run a motor vehicle [they] use to earn business income” [cf., Ibid., p. 17, “Line 9224 – Fuel Costs”, para. 1, ll. 1 – 2, as outlined in “Chart A – Motor Vehicle Expenses” on page 5 of Form T2125] they may be able to deduct the cost of their membership as a business expense.
As indicated above, LifeLine Truckers is neither qualified to give nor gives any legal or accounting advice respecting what is, or is not deductible by any reader visiting its website, or anyone else. As all such decisions are arrived at after considering many factors that are unique to an individuals’ particular circumstances. Each individual must consult with their accountant to ascertain whether the general rule, referred to by the Canada Revenue Agency, quoted above, is applicable to them.

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