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Mission Statement

LifeLine Truckers Logistic Services Inc. is a membership based company, formed in 2008, to be a champion in Canada for independent truckers and the trucking industry.

Our goal is to become the “go to” organization for truckers to obtain discounts or preferred pricing on those products and services that they use regularly.

LifeLine Truckers recognizes that truckers’ incomes have not kept up with the rising costs of trucking operations. So, LifeLine Truckers has devoted itself to making available to its members a wide range of deals offered by preferred suppliers on fuel, tires, hotels, vehicle rentals and purchases, mobile phones, food, clothes and insurance.
LifeLine Truckers will regularly review the benefits offered, to keep them competitive.

LifeLine Truckers members, who take advantage of the goods and services offered by these preferred suppliers, should lower their direct operational costs; thus, improving their bottom-line.

Gaining access to LifeLine Truckers core benefits is the principal benefit of membership.

LifeLine Truckers Logistic Services Inc.
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