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When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll

by Barry Allen and David Ayers

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Angels of Truckers is an online meeting place for the trucker's significant other. It was a home away from home for all women and family members who needed someone to talk to that share that same common bond.


Ministry of Transport Ontario (MTO)

Use the Truck and Bus Information Centre to access the latest products, services and information.



Legal Notice: On the January 23rd 2010 LifeLine Truckers legally changed its name to: “LifeLine Truckers Logistic Services Inc.” with the addition of the word, “truckers” to our former name. This change was designed to make the corporation's legal name more consistent with both common usage and the address of the corporate website. References to either form of the name still mean the entity that carries on business under the Trade Name “LifeLine Truckers.”

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